Story of my life (chapter 2 - eyes on fire)

Eyes on fire


When Sophie attended to her work the next day and every sign of her homesickness in her face was covered by make up, she saw two girls standing in front of the building. She recognized them, they were the two other ones who were working at the same office.
“Hi Sophie !”, one of them said and waved. “Irina and I are just finishing our cigarettes, if you wait a minute we can go upstairs together”, the black-haired one said and looked at the brunette.
“Hush Anna, Sophie is going to find the way up alone”, the brunette, who seemed to be Irina, said and looked at Sophie.
“No it’s fine, I’m gonna wait for you. It’s still new for me here, I’d like to have some company”, Sophie said and smiled.
“What are you gonna do today ? That shooting Max was talking about earlier ?”, Anna asked and dropped her cigarette on the ground to step on it.
“Yes, I guess that’s it, he was talking about two babies yesterday”, Sophie said and shrugged.
“I bet you must be very anxious about it already”, Irina smirked and raised her eyebrows.
Sophie just wanted to ask why but then Irina and Anna started talking in German and she didn’t understand a word anymore so she just listened to them while they were walking upstairs into the office.
Max had already prepared everything for Sophie’s shooting and he told her that they were only waiting for the parents with their babies to appear. Even though Sophie only had to take some indoor-photos, she didn’t have to take care of anything else, her only part in the shooting was to take the photos and after ten minutes of waiting Max came back into the small room with two small children in his arms.
When he sat them down in front the white photo-background he turned around to Sophie and giggled.
“Aren’t they cute ? This is Nils”, he said and looked at the boy on the left, “and this is Mila”, he went on and looked at the girl on the left. To get to know them Sophie moved closer to them and smiled. They both looked at her and started laughing what made Sophie join them.
Mostly the small girl caught her attention; she had the most beautiful big brown eyes Sophie had ever seen, they reminded her of warm chocolate and the perfect brown hair was so curly that it barely reached her shoulders. It was definitely the loveliest baby Sophie had ever seen.
“Let’s take some beautiful photos of you, shall we ?”, Sophie smiled and caressed both of the babies’ faces before she went back to her place and grabbed the camera to take some photos.
Both Nils and Mila were always laughing when Max did stupid things behind Sophie’s back to entertain them and Sophie was able to take some wonderful pictures of them. They were very cooperative for almost half an hour, but then Mila suddenly started sobbing what quickly turned out into crying.
“Oh god, I’m gonna get her dad, you got this right ?”, Max said and left the room quickly.
Sophie crawled closer to the babies again and took Mila’s small hand.
“Shhh, you don’t need to cry”, she whispered but it didn’t really work, the girl only started to cry even louder.
“Shhh”, Sophie whispered again and decided it would be the best to lift Mila up and hug her against her chest. Nils was playing with a toy Max had given him earlier so Sophie could focus on making Mila stop crying.
After a few seconds of holding her Mila really stopped crying and closed her eyes just a bit when the door opened again and someone made some quick steps towards her.
Sophie looked around and stared up into a pair of dark brown eyes she thought she had already seen once.
“Oh, danke”, the man said and opened his arms while he kneeled down next to her, just then Sophie realized he had the same eyes as Mila; it was her father. Sophie didn’t hesitate and gave the baby to him, then she took a second look and noticed his hair, which was also so similar to his daughter’s hair.
“You’re welcome”, Sophie whispered quietly, she noticed that Mila had fallen asleep in her arms.
The man blinked a few times, then he realized that Mila wasn’t German.
“Normally she never falls asleep after she has been crying so fast, you must be very skilled at handling kids”, the man smiled and looked more at his daughter than at Sophie. She noticed his strong German accent, but somehow it still didn’t sound clumsy.
“I don’t know, I never tried working with them yet”, she said and shrugged.
“Maybe you should, it fits you”, the man said and grinned.
“I prefer taking photos of them, I guess”, Sophie said and raised a brow, she was confused by his behavior.
“You’re the photographer from the States ?”, he said and his grin disappeared again.
“Yes, that’s me. I’m Sophie”, she said and looked into his eyes again. They were really like his daughter’s ones, maybe a bit darker, but they looked like dark chocolate. His skin was darker than European people used to be, he looked like he was from Turkey or something like that. His lips were full and his face - no doubt - was beautiful.
“Sophie could be a German name too”, he laughed and showed her his marvelous teeth. Damn, he could be a model for toothpaste, Sophie thought. She blinked a few times hoped he didn’t catch her staring.
“I’m Elyas, Mila’s father”, he said and tilted his head a little.
“Are you German ?”, Sophie asked but regretted the question immediately, she hadn’t really thought about what she was going to say but he didn’t seem to be offended.
“I know, I don’t look German right ? But I was born in Munich, and even though I got an Austrian Pass, I consider myself as a German”, he smiled politely.
“Oh”, was the only thing that Sophie could say. She was surprised how friendly he was, before she had moved to Germany she always thought the people there were rude.
“Sorry”, he laughed. “Many people think I’m from Turkey, but I’m not.”
“That was one of my first thoughts too”, she admitted and bit her lip in shame for that thought.
“So you’re not the only one”, he went on but in that moment Max came back into the room and interrupted their conversation.
“Nils parents are here now, too”, he said and Elyas got up from the floor again.
“I can’t wait to see the pictures”, he said with a last smile before he placed a gentle kiss on his sleeping daughter’s forehead. Somehow the feelings of this simple gesture made Sophie smile.
“They are gonna be amazing”, she said and watched Elyas and Max, who had the small boy in his arms, disappear through the door.
Sophie stroked her fingers through her hair and giggled. That was definitely one of the nicest shootings she has ever had, just then she realized that children really weren’t that bad, mostly when they were as beautiful and happy as Mila and Nils.
In that moment Sophie didn’t really regret coming to Munich to become a more famous photographer.

The whole situation looked very different two days later, it was Saturday, and she didn’t have to work during the weekend which meant boredom. And boredom meant she had too much time to think, which led to this stupid homesickness again.
Sophie had tried to sleep long in the morning but it hasn’t really worked; nightmares woke her up around 8 am and she hadn’t been able to go back to sleep.
After she decided to get up she made herself a hot cup of tea, some people had already called her weird because she disliked coffee but the only warm thing she could drink in the morning was her tea. But still, after the tea, she didn’t have anything to do so the thoughts about her home came back and she felt so lonely that she couldn’t do anything against it.
The only thing that could help her was sport. Yes, she decided to go out for a walk, or no, she would go running for a bit. Irina and Anna had told her about a wonderful park next to a river which was called Isar and it must be perfect for a morning workout, so Sophie dressed in some sporty clothes to go outside.
When she left her flat and looked up into the sky it didn’t look that bad; there were still a lot of clouds covering the city but at some points she could see the sun. Maybe there was still something like hope left.
Sophie put her headphones in her ear and turned the music up loud, ‘Where I come from’ by Passion Pit was filling her brain and pushing the homesickness aside.
While she was jogging through the park she felt some kind of freedom and soon she could smell something in the air that she didn’t really know. It smelled like water and some other things she couldn’t really tell, but then she came closer until she saw the river that was suddenly appearing in front of her. There hadn’t been any river in Phoenix, Sophie was amazed by the view of it and she decided she definitely had to take some pictures of this place soon.
But first, she wanted to focus on her morning workout.

to be continued …
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Anonymous asked: So sweetie, no more Bill or Tom imagines ? :(

Of course there will be more Bill and Tom imagines, at the moment I’m working on a Bill imagine. :) The next chapter of ‘Story of my life’ will be uploaded next week which is gonna be an imagine with Elyas M’Barek (I created an information-page for him too). :)

Anonymous asked: You said you don't like the way they treat their fans. Can you explain how? I haven't been following them a lot so I'm confused. Thank you! Btw, I love your blog! 😍

Meanwhile that problem is solved, I just didn’t like how they said ‘soon soon’ all over the years. I would’ve liked it better if they said ‘we can’t release the album yet, we need one/two years more to finish’ it but since they released it now it’s okay :) Thank you, it means a lot ! xx



billkaulitzroleplayer said: What? :-o Why? :’-(

- Because at the moment I feel like no one reads what I write. Of course everyone’s like “I’m just gonna read it”, but you also have to understand that for us writers the comments on what we do is everything we get back for our work….



I wish you could continue cause I LOVE THEM SOOOOOO MUCH!! Especially those dirty ones you write about me, are freaking sexy and I freaking love them. I wish they were more. Just to know, fans are more attracted to dirty imagines. But if you decide to leave, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU, for writing all of them!! You are perfect!! 


Thank you, that’s really cute ! But you know, it’s just frustrating when you’re actually satisfied with something you post and you got more than 700 followers and none of them seems to read what you do … :(

billkaulitzroleplayer said: What? :-o Why? :’-(

- Because at the moment I feel like no one reads what I write. Of course everyone’s like “I’m just gonna read it”, but you also have to understand that for us writers the comments on what we do is everything we get back for our work. Meanwhile I’m almost about to finish my school, I sit there until 5 pm everyday and afterwards I sit down and write while I could actually study or do other things but instead of that I also like to write for you. Of course I also do it because I enjoy it but it’s still sad for every writer to be creative for hours, look forward to comments and get nothing back in the end. Since I feel like that recently, I decided to stop writing because it’s just not worth it anymore.


You’re welcome but now I decided that I’m probably gonna stop writing :)

Story of my life (Chapter 1 - Holding on and letting go)

Holding on and letting go

"Ladies and gentleman, all passengers for the flight LH 118 to Munich please prepare for boarding", a female voice said through a loudspeaker at the airport. She had already given in her luggage so she was ready to leave the waiting room for the plane. She was ready to leave her old life behind her.
Sophie was a normal girl, or a normal young woman, until she had met her ex-best friend Cassandra. Cassandra and Sophie met on a party on which they started talking and they immediately began to like each other. After a few times of meeting Cassandra showed Sophie one of her biggest passions - photography. Until it became one of Sophie’s biggest passions too. That had been seven years ago, they had been fifteen when they met, now Sophie was twenty-two and she knew exactly what she wanted to be : a famous photographer.
The business wasn’t easy in the United States and a few days ago she got an interesting offer from Germany. She knew that Germany was a lot smaller than Arizona only, the state where she came from.
She didn’t hesitate and she was happy to accept the offer, Sophie hoped it would be easier to get popular in a country like Germany. So now she was on her way to her new home, but she had to admit that she felt weird and uncomfortable somehow. It had been a quick decision and even though she had been sure she chose the right thing, she wasn’t feeling good about leaving all of her friends and her family behind for her dream.
With a sigh Sophie got up from her seat in the waiting room, grabbed her small bag and made her way to the plane - and to her new life.

Five days later

Sophie woke up from a bad dream, she didn’t know where she was and she had to blink a few times until she realized where she was. She was in her new small flat in Germany, so far away from her home. It was November, and it was way too cold for her since she was used to the heat in Phoenix. In Germany, everything was different. Somehow she missed her home already …
She got up from her bed and pulled the curtains that were covering the window aside. Dark gray clouds covered the sky, and they were so low that the houses of the city seemed to be suffocated.
Today was the first day on which she was actually going to do something. The day before she had been shopping (warm sweaters and other clothes she hadn’t needed in Arizona before), but today there would be her first day at her new office.
After Sophie had breakfast and prepared herself she left her flat and called herself a cab to reach the office. In the future she wanted to use the public transport until she would be able to buy a car but first she wanted to see where the office was located.
During the ride she only stared out of the window and wondered if there existed such a thing like sun in Munich too.
Who knows, maybe in summer, she thought. If I can stand this town this long.

About 15 minutes later Sophie had already reached her new working place and a man was waiting for her in front of the building.
“Hi, you must be Sophie from the United States !”, the friendly man said and smiled at her when he shook her hand. “I’m Max and I’m the owner of this office, so basically your new boss, but you can call me Max.”
“Hi Max, it’s nice to meet you”, Sophie smiled back. He seemed to be a really open-minded person, and even though she was only at the beginning of her twenties she was sure that Max wasn’t that much older than her. He had short blond hair and small lips, but his smile was really nice. His eyes were just as blue as Sophie’s ones were, only her long hair was even more blonde than his.
“Come with me, I’ll show you your new office”, he said and led her into the building.

Around 7 pm Sophie had reached her flat again and closed the door behind herself to let herself sink back against it and slump down onto the floor with a loud sigh.
It was out of question that the new office was a really nice place to work at, but it had been exhausting, mainly the paper-work on her first day. At least tomorrow she would have her first photo shoot, even though it wasn’t quite her favorite thing to take photos of. She loved to take beautiful photos of nature and animals, the commission tomorrow was going to be a shooting with two babies. But at least Sophie could do something else than staring at her computer or papers like today.
The sound of her phone interrupted her thoughts and made her come back to reality. She stared at the display - it was her friend Cassandra.
“Hi Sophie, I haven’t heard anything from you since you arrived in Germany !”
“Hey Cassie, I’m sorry but I didn’t have any time to call you yet. How’s it going ?”, Sophie said. Hearing her friend’s voice made her sadder than she thought it would.
“I’m missing you so bad but my job’s going well, how about yours ? How’d your new office and the people in Munich ?”, Cassandra asked happily.
“It’s fine, they’re all very nice”, Sophie explained. It was true, everyone was nice, even the two other young women she had to work with but she couldn’t remember their names.
“You don’t seem to be alright honey, do you want to tell me what’s wrong ?”, Cassie asked, she knew her just too well but Sophie didn’t want to talk about it.
“I’m just missing the Arizona-heat”, she said and sighed.
“Oh baby, I can imagine … I gotta go, my boyfriend is waiting for me but I’m gonna call you again soon ! Have a nice time over there !”, Cassandra said quickly and dropped the call.
Sophie sighed again. She remembered how Cassandra had so many boyfriends already, and they all looked like male underwear-models; just like Cassandra did. It was out of question that Sophie wasn’t beautiful, she was but just not the type of beautiful that Cassandra was. She had always been thin, her long hair almost reached her waist and her blue eyes were big and shiny.
Sophie was not as thin as one of those models, she was just a normal woman with female curves. Her blonde hair had been long, but never as long as Cassie’s; her eyes had been blue but never as beautiful as her friend’s ones. She was a natural beauty, she didn’t wear as much make-up as Cassie used to. She had always been in the shadow of her friend, but nonetheless they had been inseparable.
And now Sophie was all alone, on a different continent than her. For the first time she admitted it to herself, she was more than homesick. She missed her family and her friends more than anything else, the landscape, the heat, the sun of Arizona. Things she couldn’t have in Munich and things she was never going to have again if she stayed there. She looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t see the happy young woman she used to be. But should she really end everything before it even begun, before she could try to live her dream ? Was it worth to leave everything she loved behind ?
It was the first time of her life that she truly felt lonely. She was definitely lonely.

to be continued …

Anonymous asked: Ohhh no your imagines!!! *crying emoji here* heheh but seriously, I absolutely love your blog. Are you still taking requests!!?

Thank you :) I am taking requests, but I don’t know if/when I can finish them. At the moment I’m working on a new story too :)

So … I decided to write a fanfic

Me : “Bill, can you translate some German for me ?”
Bill : “Yes, of course”
Me : “What does ‘heirate mich’ mean ?”
Bill : “Marry me”
Bill : “That was the translation …”
Bill : …

phantomriderking-deactivated201 asked: I LOVE YOUR NAMEEEEEEEEEE <3.

My name ? :D