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my name is leonie, i'm from germany and here you are, welcome to my imagine blog :) feel free to ask me something or request imagines !

Anonymous asked: I'm so happy that you're writing again :) hope you're feeling better now. Xoxo

Thanks ! I’m trying :)

Anonymous asked: I'd like to ask you, I'm looking for an imagine I read a few months ago. It's about Bill and a Girl, they meet in a graveyard... She lost her mom... Is this imagine yours ? I can't find it if so :x xoxo

No sorry, it’s not mine ! :)

Anonymous asked: I am happy you writing again!!!! when will you post the next part of shopping for the weak?

I can’t say anything about that for sure but I hope this week ! :)

Anonymous asked: soo happy youre posting new storys! whens the next part coming? :)

I can’t promise how much I will post in the future ! But meanwhile I got rid off my depressions, I will try everything to keep this more active :)

Anonymous asked: What is shopping for a weak about? Bill and a girl? Tom and a girl? :)

First, Bill, Tom and a girl ! You’ll see more in the next part :)

Shopping for the weak (Part 1)

Somehow it was a boring Saturday morning to you, you say on the kitchen counter since a few minutes, still not knowing what to do as you tapped your toes against a chair in front of you, along to an unknown rhythm in your head.
Your dad was at work, and actually you weren’t even waiting for him to come back, but you didn’t know what to do with your time. You looked out of the window; the weather in the US-State Washington had never been the best. It was a typical day outside, the sky was gray and it was raining a little, as you looked inside the forest next to your house there was also a little fog. You sighed, normally you would’ve gone out to see a friend, or relax in the garden, but you would’ve been completely wet and frozen when you came back, so that possibility wasn’t really available.
A sudden loud noise tore you out of your thoughts and you gasped as the loud ringing of the phone screamed from the living room into the kitchen.
You jumped off the counter and thought about who could call you while you walked into the living room, it took a while until you found what you searched for.
“Hello ?” you asked into the phone.
“Hey hun, it’s me, Rebecca !” the voice on the other side of the phone said happily. Rebecca was one of your closest friends from high school, and you were always happy to hear her voice.
“Hey Becca. What’s up ?”
“A few friends from school and me will go to Olympia in the evening to go shopping. Do you wanna come with us ?”
“Don’t you think the weather is kinda … bad for that ?” you chuckled.
“I know it’s raining, but we will go late in the evening, and the streets will be completely empty. It will be fun, please !”
“Fine” you sighed and gave up with a small laughter. “Who’s gonna come along, then ?”
“Just me, you, Miranda and two or three boys from school. Eric didn’t quite say if he had time, otherwise it’s just the twins and us three.”
The twins ?
“Uhm, okey. When do you wanna meet ?”
“I’ll see if Eric texts me, but someone’s gonna pick you up at seven if that’s okey to you ?” she asked, you could literally head her smiling through the phone. She always loved if her plans worked.
“That sounds great. I’m gonna be ready in front of the door. See you later then !” you said, she mumbled some random words of happiness and dropped the call quickly.
You walked back into the kitchen, probably your dad wouldn’t be back by seven pm so you decided to prepare some food for him, just in case he was hungry, you didn’t wanna risk that he burned the whole kitchen during your absence.
He could use the microwave (you hoped) so you prepared a simple pasta for him, and since he couldn’t cool noodles properly, you guessed he would be happy if he saw that you had prepared it for him.
After you were done with the noodles you prepared a quick tomato sauce for him, and after you had finished that, you put everything into the fridge and grabbed a piece of paper.
“I prepared you something for dinner, it’s in the fridge. I’m in Olympia for shopping with some friends” you wrote on it, and put it next to the fridge, hoping it would be big enough for him to see.
To pass the rest of the time until the evening, you went upstairs to your room and tried to clean it a little, but you weren’t really patient so after a while you gave up with a sigh, hoping that the evening would come as soon as possible.

Just in time at seven pm you grabbed your coat, and went outside to wait in front of the door.
Though it hadn’t really stopped to rain and you pulled your hood over your head, even if you didn’t have to wait in the rain. The coldness made you shiver immediately, so you pulled your coat tighter around you and hoped that someone was going to pick you up in a few minutes.
And really, you didn’t really count the seconds but your stare was lost in the dark shades of the forest as suddenly two lights appeared, and they got brighter the louder the noise of the car got.
It didn’t take long until you could see the car that was finally standing in front of your house, but it was much more bigger than you were used to. Becca didn’t have a car like this, but you shrugged and stepped into the rain, you hadn’t seen Eric’s car yet so you hoped it was him who was picking you up.
You opened the door to the backseat and pulled your hood off again as you let yourself fall back into the soft leather seat, and closed the door again. “Team” was rumbling in the inside of the car, actually Lorde was just your taste in music and you knew Becca didn’t like it, so you wondered yourself why she even allowed Eric to listen to it.
“Put your seatbelt on, please” a familiar voice said, but it was not the one you expected. You swallowed, but obeyed.
As soon as you did what he had told you, the car started again, but way faster than you were used to, and you got pressed back into your seat.
“Where’s Becca ?” you asked after a while after you finally dared to say a word.
“She’s going to Olympia with Eric, but all of us wouldn’t quite fit into one car so she asked us to pick you up” Bill said but since the music was so loud he almost had to yell, but it was unrecognizable his voice and as he turned around and grinned at you, you were sure it was him.
“Uhm that’s… friendly” you said and tried to smile a little, but it must’ve looked like a grimace since Bill’s grin got even wider. Then he turned around again and looked at his brother, before his gaze came to rest on the street again.
“Weirdos” you mumbled, so quiet that no one understood your words through the music.
After a few minutes Bill started to sing along to another song, which was actually made for a woman but his voice sounded so high and hit every note perfectly that it even could’ve been his song. It was no surprise for you though, everyone knew he was a good singer, and since he wasn’t trying to hide it during school, it wasn’t anything special, to none of you.
You were almost done with your nerves when you finally arrived at Olympia, and luckily you saw Rebecca waving from outside already as Bill’s big brother Tom stopped the car. You almost jumped out of it and hugged Becca tight, you were obviously glad to see her after your little horror trip.
“Let’s go, and have some fun !” Eric said and waved, as you looked up you saw him standing a few meters away from you, so you let go of Becca and nodded.
“Let’s go” one of the twins said now that they got out of the car too, you looked at Becca and rolled your eyes. Why them ? was clearly written on your gaze but Becca only smiled.
“It will be fun !” she promised you and grabbed your hand to pull you along with her to start your shopping trip.

to be continued…

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry for you...hope, you're doing better soon <3

I don’t think that will happen but thank you …

Anonymous asked: would you write more imagines? believe it or not I'm always checking your blog to see if there's something new ε>

I actually started something new yesterday. I have to handle a lot of private problems, but I’m doing my best :(

Anonymous asked: SPLAT! You just got snowballed! Welcome to the snowball fight of 2013! Okay so here's how it works, just say three to five random things about yourself then go anon and snowball your five favorite blogs. If you get snowballed again you CANNOT snowball any blogs you've snowballed before, except if you're out of blogs to snowball. Have fun!

I hate snowball fights actually, but let me think !
1. I hate being alone
2. Besides Tokio Hotel I also like Lady Gaga and 30 seconds to Mars
3. I don’t watch TV at all
4. I used to watch Vampire Diaries but only in English
5. I hate snowball fights :D

Thank you :)