phantomriderking asked: I LOVE YOUR NAMEEEEEEEEEE <3.

My name ? :D

Anonymous asked: Why don't you fancy them like you used to? What happened? What made you dislike them?

I don’t like the way how they treat (or treated) their fans. Besides that I really started to dislike Tom for his macho-behavior :D

Anonymous asked: So you aren't an alien anymore or just not that good with them anymore ? :/ but will you stop writting forever ?

I don’t really fancy them anymore like I used to, but I’m still looking forward to the album and at the moment I’m finishing the last story I started :)

Anonymous asked: Like hating Tokio Hotel :-O why ?

I don’t hate them ! I just lost my interest in them :)

Anonymous asked: You aren't writing anything anymore :(

I know, because recently I don’t feel like it anymore since I started to dislike Tokio Hotel.

Anonymous asked: Beauuuuuutiful Story *-*

Thank you so much ! I’m working on the second part :)

Anonymous asked: Do you have a Facebook account?

Yes I do, but only a personal one if you meant that :)

True Lies

As on every other day, Tom took the last sip of his morning coffee and hummed in appreciation as his body was filled with warmth before he had to leave, which also meant freezing outside. It was the end of December, everyone was looking forward to New Year’s Eve , except from Tom and his co-workers because they knew at this time there would be more than enough work to do at the office. He would be lucky already if he could have the New Year’s Day off at least.
Tom sighed and got up from his kitchen chair, walked to the hallway and quickly grabbed his coat before he left his house.
It had been raining last night and it was still cold, so the way in front of Tom’s house had turned in a dangerous ice skating area. It would be hard enough just go get to his car, but Tom doubted that he would make it without falling down at least once. He looked around, all the neighbors seemed to be still asleep, so he tied his jacket around his hips so he didn’t have to hold it, went down the stairs and again made sure that no one was looking, before he kneeled down and crawled on his hands and knees to his car.
When he arrived there, he grabbed the mirror of his car to pull himself up when suddenly a voice almost scared him to death. He looked up and saw a bright grinning face in front of him.
“Good morning, officer”, a young girl giggled and looked down at him. Luckily it was only Mila, one of the neighbor’s kids, on her way to school, but it was embarrassing enough to know that she would surely tell her parents that she had found the local police officer crawling to his car because he was afraid of falling down on the ice.
Quickly he got up and looked down at the little blonde girl.
“Good morning Mila”, Tom smiled and the girl immediately jumped closer to him and wrapped her arms around his hips. Mila was already nine or ten years old, but Tom was so tall that she could only reach his middle.
“Why have you been crawling ?”, she laughed and looked up into his eyes again. Tom chuckled and rubbed Mila’s back as she clung onto him.
“I’m not that good at ice-skating and I didn’t want to risk a broken arm or leg during New Year’s Day”, he explained and Mila giggled again.
“It isn’t that hard, I’ll teach you one day”, the girl said and let go of him again. “Do you have to go to work now Tom ?”
Tom nodded and smiled sadly. “You’ll teach me another time honey.”
“Yes I will !”, Mila giggled and walked away again. Tom waved and shouted after her. “Have fun at school, and be careful !”
Mila only nodded and walked down the street, until Tom couldn’t see her anymore.
He smiled to himself and opened the door of his car and let himself sink down into the seat. In the car it was just as cold as outside so he started it quickly, even though he didn’t want to hurry to get to his office. It would just be another boring day.

"Good morning, officer Kaulitz", a young lady said when Tom entered his office. He knew that voice belonged to Liza, one of the youngest workers, she did an internship at the police station. And she obviously tried to seduce him, just the way she talked made him sigh, but she was also the only one who didn’t call him by his first name.
Tom didn’t deny that she was hot, but the way she dressed reminded him a little bit of a whore and she wasn’t his taste of girl at all. But she just didn’t accept the fact that not everyone fell for her, especially not Tom. In her eyes he was perfect, like in everyone else’s eyes too, and like everyone else she thought that Tom was the biggest womanizer of all. The truth was, he enjoyed being with random girls for one night from time to time, but deep inside him he also wished for a relationship and someone he could really fall in love with. Of course that hadn’t happened yet and he felt lonely from time to time, but even if he wished for everything he could actually have with Liza, he would never pick her.
“Good morning”, Tom said and nodded, but he didn’t look at her. He simply went to his chair and sat down, looking for someone who could bring him one more cup of coffee. He bit his lip and looked at Liza.
“Ermm… Liza ? Could you make some coffee, please ? Only if you can effort the time, of course.”
Liza smirked and sat on Tom’s table, right in front of him. He rolled his eyes, but luckily she didn’t see.
“Of course mister”, she said in that seducing voice again and got up from the table again. “I always have time for you. But could you come with me and help me to carry the cups ? Someone else asked me too and I want one myself, and I don’t think I can carry three cups at once.”
Tom knew that she didn’t even like coffee, but he decided to play with her rule and got up from his seat.
“Sure”, he said and sighed to himself as they both walked down the aisle to the coffee machine.

It was still early, maybe 7 pm, and the office was basically empty. Tom sat on his chair and took one sip after another of his coffee, while he was amused by watching Liza forcing hers down.
“Mister Kaulitz ?”, she said and looked at him.
Tom’s gaze was resting on his cup, but he dared to take a look at her and frowned. “What’s wrong ?”
Liza got up from her chair and sat down next to him, way too close for his taste.
“I just wondered why I have to sit at the opposite side of the room.”
“Hm”, Tom growled and took another sip of his coffee.
He didn’t pay attention to her anymore, but after one or two minutes he twitched a little when he felt something at the inside of his thigh. He gritted his teeth and looked down; it was Liza’s hand, of course. And unfortunately there was no one in the office who could disturb his miserable situation.
Liza squeezed his thigh just a little before she moved her hand closer to his crotch.
“Do you have some plans for the New Year’s Eve already ? They told me I’m free of work, but I don’t want to spend the evening alone. You know ?”, she whispered into his ear, she was even closer than he wanted her to be, and smirked slightly.
Tom rolled his eyes again and sighed, before he got up and pushed her hand away.
“Listen to me, just because we made some coffee together, or we work at the same place, it doesn’t mean I want to go out with you. It only means that I need coffee so bad that I even pick it up together with you”, he sighed and glanced at her.
Within the blink of an eye Liza jumped up too and stood right in front of him, her lips dangerously close to his.
You bastard”, she hissed into his face, and before Tom could react Liza had her knee between his legs and smashed it right into his crotch.
Tom bent over and growled in pain, he didn’t even care when he felt her hand slapping his cheek, but then she already rushed out of the office and left him there kneeling on the ground.
“Slut”, Tom hissed and whined to himself, but just then someone else came into the office and peeked over the table.
“Hey man, what you’re doing on the floor ?”, Gustav said, one of his co-workers but also a good friend of his.
“Just got kicked in my balls”, Tom wheezed and pulled himself up by grabbing the table.
“I suppose by Liza ?”, Gustav said and placed his hand on Tom’s shoulder. “She seemed mad.”
Tom nodded and pouted a little.
“She can’t accept what a ‘no’ means. But damn, she’s stronger than I thought”, Tom sighed and sat down on his chair again.
“At least you gave her a no now. Watching the both of you was like a good soap on TV.”
Tom was just about to answer when he heard someone else entering his office, but it was no one he knew.
“Oh, Tom, this is _______. _______, this is officer Kaulitz but you can also call him Tom. We all do.” Gustav grinned and then turned to Tom again. “She’s gonna start working here after the new year started, but she told me she was already gonna check the office out a little”, he winked at Tom.
“Hi”, Tom said, but his voice was stuck in his throat. That young woman, unlike to Liza, looked unbelievable gorgeous. She wasn’t that tall, but thin, and yet a little curvy. Tom blinked a few times, but nothing changed.
“Hi Tom, it’s really nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you already, they told me you were an awesome officer”, she said and went closer to shake his hand. Tom was faster and got up, but then noticed the stinging pain in his crotch and gasped for air before he took the woman’s hand and shook it.
“Something’s wrong ?”, she said and tilted her head a little, her voice sounded like a sweet melody in Tom’s ears. He whined quietly and shook his head.
She gave him a worried look and then turned to Gustav again, Tom wished he could just disappear into the ground and hoped she wouldn’t see him blushing as he did.
“I’ll show her around a little, but we’ll be bright back”, Gustav nodded to Tom since he knew what was wrong. Tom sighed thankfully for Gustav saving him and once again he was happy to have a good friend as his co-worker. As Gustav and the young woman left the room again, he sunk back into his chair again and groaned loudly.
“Fuck this”, he said, crossed his arms on his table and laid his face on it, wishing he had never left bed this morning.

to be continued …

A new imagine will be up later today :)
elinahumanoid asked: hey I want to ask when you will post the next part of childen of the damned. I love this story and I want to see what will happend. Thank you

I wasn’t really sure if I’m going to finish that story … I’m working on another short one now which is probably going to be ready soon.