Kaulitz Imagines

welcome to my blog <3
my name is leonie, i'm from germany and here you are, welcome to my imagine blog :) feel free to ask me something or request imagines !

Anonymous asked: What about a dirt romance ? ^^

After all it was 9 for dirty and 3 for romantic but I like your idea ! I’ll see what I can do :)

Anonymous asked: I want it to end dirty :))

2 / 2 keep going :)

Anonymous asked: Dorty ofc haha :D

2 romantic, 1 dirty

Anonymous asked: In a romantic Way ...

It’s 2 for romantic ! :)

At the moment I’m working on a new story, but now it’s up to you : do you want it to end in a romantic or dirty way ? :)

Anonymous asked: I'm so happy that you're writing again :) hope you're feeling better now. Xoxo

Thanks ! I’m trying :)

Anonymous asked: I'd like to ask you, I'm looking for an imagine I read a few months ago. It's about Bill and a Girl, they meet in a graveyard... She lost her mom... Is this imagine yours ? I can't find it if so :x xoxo

No sorry, it’s not mine ! :)

Anonymous asked: I am happy you writing again!!!! when will you post the next part of shopping for the weak?

I can’t say anything about that for sure but I hope this week ! :)

Anonymous asked: soo happy youre posting new storys! whens the next part coming? :)

I can’t promise how much I will post in the future ! But meanwhile I got rid off my depressions, I will try everything to keep this more active :)

Anonymous asked: What is shopping for a weak about? Bill and a girl? Tom and a girl? :)

First, Bill, Tom and a girl ! You’ll see more in the next part :)